Sustainable Operations Naturally

Our Office:

  • Buys electricity generated from 100% Renewable sources 10% of which comes from Green power approved sources.
  • Buys recycled paper for all new paper purchases.
  • Recycles all waste paper, plastic and glass (via JJ Richards and Sons waste collections)
  • Recycles all ink jet and toner cartridges (via Cartridges 4 Planet Ark recycling program)
  • Reuses all single sided waste printouts by binding them and making notepads.
  • Composts all fruit and vegetable waste for reuse onsite to rejuvenate our gardens
  • Reduces vehicle use where possible and offsets our vehicle emissions with GreenFleet

Our Goals

We consider the following goals when making decisions at all levels of our operations:

  • To Reduce the consumption of non renewable resources and reduce the creation of non recyclable or detrimental waste by products.
  • To Retain and proliferate existing natural systems, vegetation and natural features.
  • To Creatively Reuse waste by-products, salvaged plants and construction materials.
  • To Recycle our waste materials and promote the use of products created from recycled waste.

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