Australian Standard 4970-2009

A tree impact assessment is generally required by local councils or development consent authorities when construction is proposed near significant trees. A tree impact assessment should be undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard for the Protection of Trees on Development Sites AS4970-2009.

Our team has extensive experience with, and an in-depth understanding of construction methods and standards and so are able to provide relevant and best practice solutions to assist with protecting trees and enabling development.

We provide advice to our clients on adverse impacts to trees from proposed construction. We then recommend methods by which these adverse impacts may be minimised or mitigated.

Often potential impacts do not occur above the ground. Generally the severance of tree roots is a major issue on construction sites. We identify areas where likely impacts will occur and then we engage specialist and experienced sub contractors to undertake non destructive root mapping.

Root mapping is generally undertaken to identify and map the size, depth and location of sub surface roots.Root mapping is generally undertaken with diagnostic equipment such as ground penetrating radar, air knife or water laser.

We regularly provide tree impact assessments on the following project types:

  • Alterations and Additions
  • Single Residences
  • Medium and High Density Residential
  • Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use Developments
  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Subdivisions
  • Infrastructure Easements ie. Railways, Roads and Pipelines
  • Government ie. Defence Lands, Universities and Hospitals

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