AQF Level 5 Project Arborist

The protection of trees on construction sites requires a significant commitment by the client and the builder. If tree protection is not taken seriously it becomes clearly apparent when the trees start to fail.

The protection of trees requires setting aside and restricting access to tree protection zones, the appointment of a Project Arborist (qualified to AQF Level 5 as a minimum) to supervise inspect and certify trees are sufficiently protected.

If available space is limited or there is a lack of onsite materials storage, costs increase. Similarly the costs associated with providing and maintaining tree protection should be balanced against on the spot fines for not providing adequate tree protection.

Arboreport is able to install, maintain and certify tree protection including:

  • Tree Protection Fencing
  • Tree Protection Signage
  • Installing Mulch to Root Zones
  • Temporary Irrigation Systems
  • Trunk, Branch and Root Zone Protection

We also provide on call AQF Level 5 Project Arborist’s to oversee construction works adjacent to existing trees. In this way we can satisfy the council conditions of consent or contractual obligations by guiding site works.


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