Target + Hazard = Risk

Tree risk assessment forms an integral part of our everyday operations. It is commonly known that even healthy trees fail. However today we have the benefit of many resources and tools which assist in the identification, assessment and management of hazards in trees.

Through the published works of Alex Shigo, Claus Mattheck, HelgeBreloerand David Lonsdale (to name but a few) we have a far greater understanding of the biomechanics, physiology and body language of tree hazards. This allows us to more readily identify hazards and in turn manage potential risk of harm to people and property.

Arboreport employs licensed and trained users of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA ) method. QTRA provides a probabilistic method of assessing the risk of harm posed by trees. The QTRA method relies on the identification of targets (either people or property). Risk requires both a Hazard and a Target to be present, without a Target there is no Risk of Harm.

Often in tree risk management we are asked to provide additional diagnostic data such as internal decay mapping. We regularly employ sub consultants for these diagnostics as they involve specialist instruments such as the Resistograph TM and the Picus Sonic Tomograph.





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