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Natural Bushland areas within or adjacent to urban areas suffer greatly from fragmentation, weed infestation and disturbance from illegal dumping of rubbish. Issues such as increased nutrients from stormwater runoff, domestic or feral animals and recreation all contribute to the degradation of remnant areas.

Remnant bushland areas around the Sydney Basin and across the Cumberland Plain have become a more frequent issue for development as the urban fringe and infill sites are considered for development.

Many ecological communities within the Sydney Basin are listed as endangered or critically endangered under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (NSW) and under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Comm).

Arboreport prepares Flora Assessments which provide an assessment of existing vegetation and the soil seed bank in order to assess the viability of remnant ecological communities. Similarly weed infestations are mapped to assist with Weed Management operations.

Areas of disturbance and/or resilience are graphically mapped into defined management zones based on significance and retention value. These management zones also assist with defining restoration operations,future management and ongoing maintenance.

A Flora Assessment may also provide recommendations for Riparian ZoneManagement (controlled Activity Application) or provide an assessment of significance (7 Part Test) for Threatened Endangered or Vulnerable ecological communities.



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